Katy Lundeen, President

Starting with One Woman, Ruth Krehbiel Jacobs

Choristers Guild was founded in Los Angeles by the late Ruth Krehbiel Jacobs, based on an idea—the systematic development of Christian character in boys and girls through the medium of the church Children’s Choir.

Ruth’s desire to establish Choristers Guild grew out of her own personal experiences in choral music with children as well as her experiences in giving lectures and conducting festivals and seminars. As she began to achieve more national prominence, she received numerous “How do you do it?” requests from all over the country. The idea of sending out mimeographed letters on a regular basis evolved. The Choristers Guild organization and the regular distribution of Choristers Guild Letters came into existence in 1949 in Los Angeles.


Choristers Guild in San Diego, is a Christian organization that enables music leaders to nurture the spiritual and musical growth of children and youth in the San Diego area.

Our guild leadership achieves this through:

  • Sharing published choral music, handbell music and educational resources
  • Educational and Training Events for children in our area as well as local music directors
  • Advocacy by parents to our children, and our children’s friends

San Diego’s CG Leadership

  •  Katy Lundeen, President
    (760) 807 – 6359
    KLundeen24 @ hotmail.com